Recycling Center

24-Hour Drop-Off Available!

Now recycling is easier than ever at the new 24-Hour Recycling Center!

How do I use the new Recycling Center?

  1. Follow the illustration at right to properly enter the drop-off area.
  2. Push your clean, unbagged recyclables through the appropriately signed openings.
  3. Plastic bags can be disposed of in the marked opening.
  4. Do not throw any trash or other contaminants into the openings.
  5. Exit the facility following the illustration.

For further explanation, watch the instructional video below.

For any questions, or handicapped assistance, come to the RASWC office, or contact us.


Tarp Your Load!
Recycling Center Drop Off Flow Map
Recycling Center
Recycling Center windows
What Can I Recycle?
This video explains how to use the Recycling Center.


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Do the Right thing!

Map of Service Area



Corrugated cardboard and chipboard (like cereal boxes). Must be empty and flattened.
Paper Bags


Clean and dry newspaper only, glossy inserts can be included.


Clear, brown, and green glass bottles and jars. Labels do not have to be removed. No plate glass, mirrors, or window glass.


Bottles, jugs or containers that have not stored automotive fluid, rinsed, remove lids. No Styrofoam.


Catalogs and magazines of high gloss paper only.

Sorted Office Paper

Photocopy, notebook, typing, or computer paper and envelopes.


Tin cans, labels removed and rinsed thoroughly. Place lid in bottom of can. No aluminum foil or baking pans.